Competition begins at 9:00 with an estimated finish time of 19:00

Morning – MUPI series/categories:

Basic Novices

Afternoon – ISU series/categories:

Junior B
Senior B
Advanced Novices
Advanced Juniors

The organizing party reserves the right to schedule changes.



The Gatorade Center is located in Artukainen, Turku, at Artukaistentie 8, about 5.5 kilometers from the center of Turku.

You can get from Helsinki or Tampere to Turku in less than two hours by bus or train. The Gatorade Center can be reached from the center via light traffic routes, by public transport or by car.

Public transport
Föli bus line 100 runs from the center of Turku to the Gatorade Center on the race day according to the attached schedule.

By car
There are approximately 1,200 parking spaces in the Gatorade Center area, parking is free.

Handicap parking is near the main entrance of the Gatorade Center (between the P1 area and the main entrance).

Public entrance
The entrance for the public who bought a ticket in advance is from the main entrance opposite P1.

The entrance for buying tickets and for people with invitations, free tickets is at the ticket office to the left of the main door.

The participating team buses can be parked at the Artukainen Kiitotie Bus Park. (arriving at the runway preferably via Messukentänkatu).

Competition office/registration (team manager/coach) access from the lower door on the side of the maintenance yard.

Entry for teams is through the side door of the main entrance opposite P1.

Gatorade Center